Terms and conditions

We are strictly the third party service. We have all 3rd party links for movies on our websites. Our services extend to the Indian, China, U.S.A and U.K. we keep our services and terms open to our viewers and customers and thus our policies are simply an upfront.

You are entitled to receive any updates or news from us only when you subscribe to our services.

No access to private information:

We do not access any private information, except when you personally send the information. Also, we have to send your personal information added to the third parties from which we extract our services besides we do not share any of your information with our clients.

Quality and copyright complaints:

  • If, there is any quality complaint or issue that we are not liable for it under any circumstances as we just provide our viewers with the links of our client websites.
  • Also, if you think our content is infringing copyright, you can report that and we will consider it and out down the link. But, we are not legally liable for the content.