DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a new check to the original and fake distributors. This law was implemented because they want to make it illegal to copy from DVDs and even to Blue-ray discs. Since a majority of the movies being shown nowadays are in DVD format, the ability of the filmmakers to use copyrighted video clips become compromised.

Who we are ?

Blueray-movies is a number one source for movie streaming and service provider as defined in the DMCA. We provide a legal platform to copyright owners with the feature to publish on the Internet by uploading, storing and displaying various types of tv shows, movies or any kind of media. We do not monitor or screen this data which is uploaded by third party sources.

We are Serious against any Violation

We take copyright violation very seriously and will assure to protect the rights of legal copyright owners of the media.  If you are the person having copyrights of specific media on Blueray-movies website and you in no way authorized the use of the content you must immediately write us to identify the allegedly infringing content and ask us to take the media down. Contact us – [email protected]

We are the medium to publish the self work online but we are just the host website and allow people to upload on our space. So, every media uploaded is not undergone the scanning. As, piracy is on rise in order to curb the same ensures to distribute the legit movie links and restrict piracy.

Thus we have come up with the policy. If you report any link to be infringing the copyright kindly gets in touch with us by sending the complete details with the URL. Also, copyright agents are at bay who can be contacted via E- mail. The information sent by you should include your complete personal details like name, phone number, E- mail address, etc. And, a proof that you are being authorized by the original copyright owner to complain if you are not the one.